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Wrapping, Wrapping, Wrapping

Monday, December 21st, 2015

gift wrapI spent this past weekend hanging out at home. My husband has been hit hard with a cold/cough/sinus illness that has left him tired. So, we spent a good amount of time watching Christmas movies, reading, and generally lounging. My one goal was to wrap all of our Christmas presents. On Sunday afternoon we assembled wrapping supplies, put on some Christmas music, and started to wrap. However, after wrapping just a few, I decided to call it quits.

I’m not sure why, but I felt uninspired, that I simply was trying to rush through the job. I’m not one whose packages look like works of art, but yesterday I simply felt like it was an item to be checked off. So, we left most of the presents unwrapped. Thankfully for us we have extra time, as we won’t celebrate Christmas until December 29th. Maybe knowing that we had over a week had me feeling less than joyous.

This morning as I reviewed my to-do list, I realized that this would be my final Editorially Yours column for 2015. With PeKu on vacation next week I more than likely won’t post an editorial column. I definitely will have other PeKu tasks, but this column won’t be one of them. So, today’s column should be a wrap-up. However, just like my presents, I don’t feel much like wrapping up 2015.

It’s been a year of challenges and changes at PeKu. We have made a number of reductions throughout the year, but at the same time we have refined our voice. Yes, PeKu may be smaller, but we are using that to our advantage. Maybe the term for what we have done should be stream-lined.

Although I’m proud of the voice and direction we’ve found, I also feel the loss of team and publications. It’s a bittersweet sensation. However, I am an optimist, and so, I look forward to 2016, seeing what is next for PeKu.

I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. See you in 2016!

What’s Exciting in December

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Our mascot, Peku, shares what she’s looking forward to during the month of December.

Stages of Success: Act 2

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

When I began to envision PeKu Publications, I started by recognizing my own strengths that would help build this company. The next obvious step was to be aware of the weaknesses I would need to compensate for. Although it is good to be positive, it is negligent not to address missing pieces in your skillset. For me, there were two areas in which I knew I would need assistance.

Gratitude- A Way of Thinking

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

thank-you-textAs I prepared my thoughts for today’s column, I reviewed columns from Novembers past. There was one continual theme- gratitude. Obviously, Thanksgiving brings to mind the need to be grateful for what one has. More than that, gratitude is integral to me. I make every effort to show appreciation for my team, both in public messages and private notes. Without strong team members, PeKu wouldn’t be the business that it has become.

I try to extend this feeling of gratitude to all parts of my life. When I receive excellent service at a store, I make sure the manager is aware of the great team member. Too often these managers only hear complaints. At home I express my gratitude for things both little and big. Whether it is clearing the table or rearranging your schedule to match mine, I let my family know that I am thankful for their assistance.

When a day is stressful and overwhelming, it can be easy to see only the dark clouds and frustration. I know that feeling of “Ugh!” quite well. But when I’ve taken a moment to catch my breath and think for just a moment, it is pretty clear that things aren’t as bad as they seem. And then, in that moment of calm, it is important to be thankful for all that I have.

So, during this week of Thanksgiving, I give thanks to you, PeKu readers, and hope you are able to take time to give thanks also.

PeKu News- November 2015

Monday, November 16th, 2015

thank you heart cloudNovember is another quiet month at PeKu. We have neither work anniversaries nor milestones to celebrate. Apparently the fall months have not been a time in which we added new members to our team.

What I did notice as I reviewed our list of start dates is the solidity of our team. More than half of our writing team has been delivering articles to our publications for over three years. In fact, one of our writers has been with us for six and a half years. Jane Wangersky joined us in February 2009, just eight months after our initial launch. Since that time, she has written on so many topics and provided much insight to our readers.

These writers are a vital part of what makes PeKu a strong publishing company. Their dedication to providing the best content is essential to our success. Although Thanksgiving is still ten days away, it seems an appropriate time of year to thank them for all that they do. Their handcrafted articles, which both inform and inspire our readers, are the foundation on which PeKu grows.

To my team of writers, I truly am thankful to work with a team as skilled and dedicated as you are. Thank you for being part of the PeKu team!

5 Benefits of Buying Designer Sunglasses

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

sunglassesThe world is full of sunglasses, and it isn’t difficult to pick up a cheap pair from the local store if you need some shade on a sunny day. But if you want to dress up your look and make a style statement, a bargain-bin pair of sunglasses just won’t cut it. Instead, you need a pair of designer sunglasses, but if you are not convinced of the merits of designer shades and you need a good reason to spend the extra cash, here are five reasons why you are definitely worth it.

Stand Out from the Crowd
Cheap sunglasses are two a penny and nobody will look at you twice when wearing them. If you want to stand out, you really need to be rocking a pair of cool designer shades from a well-known brand such as Chanel, Ray Ban or Oakley. And if you want to really stand out, wear a pair of oversized frames and pretend you are a celebrity trying to go incognito.

Different Colour Lenses
One of the advantages of buying designer sunglasses is that they come in different colours, so you can pick from a range of coloured lenses to suit your needs. For example, if you love skiing or cycling, a pair of yellow lenses will be a smart choice. Dark lenses are fine, but choice is always better and with designer sunglasses, you always have a better choice.

Extra Protection from UV Rays
The biggest problem with cheaper sunglasses is that they offer less protection from harmful UV light. Really cheap sunglasses do nothing to protect your eyes and you may as well not bother wearing any sunglasses at all. More expensive designer brands typically offer a UV protection rating of 400 or more, which is what you need to prevent serious eye damage.

High Quality Glasses
Cheap sunglasses invariably break within a few weeks. They are made of cheap materials and the first time you drop the frame, it will crack and the lenses will probably fall out. Designer sunglasses are made from durable materials and come with scratch resistant lenses. Obviously you do still need to look after your sunglasses, but at least they won’t snap the first time you pull them on.

This is even more applicable if you wear sports sunglasses for running, cycling, skiing or any other outdoor pursuit. Cheap sports sunglasses won’t come with polarised lenses, which you will need to protect your eyes from the glare on a sunny day.

Extra Kudos
Wearing designer sunglasses gives you extra kudos with your friends. People tend to notice designer frames and are more likely to compliment you on your outfit if you accessorise with a pair of Prada sunglasses or similar. Designer sunglasses are also a great conversation starter if you buy a style straight off the catwalk.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on designer sunglasses. It is really easy to pick up cheap designer sunglasses from online retailers, but make sure you shop in a reputable online store such as Red Hot Sunglasses, or you could end up with a pair of fake sunnies instead.

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