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A Fresh Look: PeKu Implements a Site Redesign for Readers

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Listen up, loyal PeKu Fans and Readers- PeKu Publications has bright news ahead that will certainly spark intrigue and excitement: a new website design. After tireless exploration of fonts, color schemes, templates and mock ups, PeKu is officially ready to launch their new site design for their readers. Although their current site provides user friendly and familiar navigation, the company saw a need for change. For a company that encourages current and original pieces, the site needed to align their mission with their appearance and start updating. To satisfy the needs of their readers, PeKu believes that the best way to implement change is to first elicit feedback. Focusing primarily on reviews of readers who navigate the site, PeKu was able to distinguish which parts needed improvement.

As of late, websites have veered in a “less is more” direction, emphasizing the importance of effective simplicity. Using the combined efforts of the creative team and CEO, Michele Pesula Kuegler, the website has been transformed into a clean, aesthetically pleasing, and fresh publication platform for users to easily navigate through hundreds of articles pertaining to a multitude of diverse topics. The new look aspires to engage readers, inspire followers, and inform curious wanderers through the vast selection of topics.

PeKu Publication has branded itself as an original and current publication company. They seek to hook their fans and followers on engaging topics and persuade them to return. Aside from simplifying the overall look of the side, they have implemented a sliding image to showcase top articles for that week. While change can often be unwelcome and unfamiliar, PeKu is excited to embrace the idea of a new look, and believes that growth can only be achieved through constant evaluation and feedback. Keep your eyes peeled, readers! This is just the beginning.

Meet the Specialist- Joan Jacobsen

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Joan+JacobsenWe have published fitness expert columns on My Fitness Tunes for several years.  In this column our specialists provide advice and insight for a variety of fitness topics.  One of these columnists is Joan Jacobsen, our senior fitness specialist.  Joan began writing for us in August 2011.  After a temporary leave, Joan returned in April of this year.  Always energetic and inspiring, Joan shares helpful ideas for health, diet, and fitness for our readers.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce Joan.

MPK: Our readers know you as the Senior Fitness Specialist. How did you get started in the area of fitness?

JJ: In 2009 I was on a mission to live a fit and healthy lifestyle after a simple blood test showed my doctor that I was a candidate for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. My weight was increasing and my health was becoming a threat to my inherited gene of a long life expectancy, so I decided I did not want to become a statistic and did a 180° turn. I began to eat healthy and I started working out with a newly purchased Wii Fit System for approximately 45 minutes each morning with strength exercises. I gradually added waist hooping using a weighted hula hoop, some yoga and finally running.

MPK: How often do you workout in a typical week?

JJ: I try to do some sort of physical activity between 4-5 days per week for at least 30 minutes for each session. There are days when I will work out for 90 minutes depending on my schedule for the day.

MPK: A lot of people complain that exercise is boring and redundant. Do you have any advice for that issue?

JJ: Mix it up, much like interval training. One day concentrate on weight bearing exercises such as Zumba, running or fast walking outdoors or on a treadmill, even yoga as a low impact form of this activity. The next day try the strengthening exercises like sit-ups and push-ups or lifting weights and using those elastic bands for resistance, and always remember to give your body a rest for a day or two after an intense day of workouts.

MPK: When you aren’t exercising or writing, what do you like to do with your free time?

JJ: Right now my free time consists of getting my new line of Boomerwear, which I’ve dubbed as activewear for seasoned bodies out in mainstream America. I’ve discovered that there were no garments specifically made and marketed just for us so I decided to become an entrepreneur and offer pants and shirts as accessible wear for everywhere! It is very important for me to have the fabric milled and the garments sewn right here in the USA.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

JJ: I’ve traveled to 5 continents in my lifetime, missing only Antarctica and Australia, and perhaps someday I will visit those two as well!

You can learn more about Joan’s company, Running with Wrinkles, at the following sites:

Website – Running With Wrinkles – Activewear for Us

Facebook – Running With Wrinkles

Twitter – @runwithwrink

Pinterest – Joanie Jake

Etsy – RunningWithWrinkles

Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing

Monday, July 21st, 2014

writingWhenever I tell the story of how PeKu Publications began, I share three of my passions: cooking, editing, and writing.  These still are three things which I enjoy very much.  Cooking is integral to my life.  It is one of my favorite ways to give of myself to others, whether it be by inviting someone for dinner, making special treats for my children, or planning a weeknight meal.  I adore thinking about and working with food.  Editing is almost a hobby for me.  Whether reading road signs while driving, reviewing a menu at a restaurant, or any other text-based activity, I think about the grammar.  If I see I mistake, I mentally envision the correction.  Writing is the activity that I have been neglecting.

Over the past six years I have drastically reduced the amount of writing that I complete for PeKu.  This is a very good thing.  As the CEO of PeKu, I shouldn’t be doing the bulk of the writing. That is what my writing team is for.  I need to focus on the future growth of this company.  However, I had forgotten to take time just to write for myself.  I always have written.  From the time I could write sentences, I have kept journals, scratched out poems, mentally planned short stories.  I haven’t partaken in these activities in ages.

However, my oldest son left for the Air Force Academy three weeks ago.  When he reported for Basic Cadet Training, all technological communication was stopped.  Knowing that he would be homesick and adjusting to a different lifestyle, I began writing and mailing letters before he left in the hopes that he would receive them soon after arriving.  Writing these letters that are filled with amusing stories about his pet gecko, exciting or depressing Red Sox scores, and interesting family updates has reminded me how good it is to write.

Although at some point during this academic year he is most likely to be given his phone again, I plan to continue writing.  While I may switch to email for quicker transfer of information, I think that the updates on home will be good for both of us. I also may return to journaling on paper just for myself. It has felt good to put pen to paper.

Yes. Just keep writing. Just keep writing. Just keep writing, writing, writing.

(Apologies to Dory and Disney for editing their script.)

Suzanne Foglio

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Suzanne Foglio

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Suzanne Foglio, founder of Vibrant Life After Cancer is a Health and Lifestyle Coach certified in the Transformational Coaching Method. Inspired to take action after her husband’s Stage IV cancer diagnosis, Suzanne is a speaker, author and passionate health advocate that educates, supports and inspires cancer survivors to create their most beautiful lives through healthy lifestyle choices. In addition, Suzanne is Vice President of an employee benefits firm that she co-founded in 1986 with her husband, Jim. She resides in New Jersey with her husband Jim and son Matthew.

To learn more about Suzanne, please visit Vibrant Life After Cancer.

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It’s a Month of Anniversaries

Monday, July 14th, 2014

cakeI’m thinking that I should send a link of this week’s column to my husband, a kind reminder that we have a special date approaching at the end of the month.  Even though our anniversary isn’t a focus of this column, it might help him remember to keep a certain date in late July open. . .

Our wedding anniversary aside, July is a month filled with anniversaries.  Of course, as I wrote last week, PeKu just celebrated its sixth birthday.  As someone mentioned to me, we’ve left preschool and are moving onto the big world of elementary school.  That seems about right.  The company can run with a little less attention to every detail, but it still benefits from a good amount of guidance and direction.

Staying within the corporate world, we have five anniversaries among the PeKu team.  In order of length of tenure at PeKu, they are:

  • Jason Lightner- He has been writing for us since 2009, when PeKu was just an infant.  Over the past five years he has covered a number of topics, including beverages (now focusing on wine), album & artist reviews, and politics.  Jason infuses his articles with interesting references and thoughtful quotes, making them ever so engaging for the reader.
  • Eric Blake- Eric has written for PeKu for the past three years, originally writing only on political topics.  However, over the past several months, he has joined our movie review team, providing insightful comments on movies both old and new.
  • Kimberly Hays- Kim joined our team as a writer in 2012.  Since that time she has taken on the additional role of associate editor.  Kim has contributed many informative and inspirational articles in the areas of crafts, home decor, and gardening.  She also is responsible for the editing in our Active Living, Entertainment, Home & Garden, Technology, and Style sections.
  • Elizabeth Gunto- She has been writing for PeKu for the past year.  With a main focus on tv show reviews, Elizabeth has kindly guided our readers away from unworthy shows and helped them find those deserving of eyeballs.  She also writes an occasional book review for those of you who prefer the printed word.
  • Donella Crigger- Donella also has been writing for PeKu for the past year.  In her weekly writings she covers a handful of topics, including outdoors activities, pets, and book reviews.  Additionally, she writes our weekly bargain of the week column, helping our readers find the best prices on items.

Happy anniversary to all of my writers and editor!  July surely is a month of celebrations.

Inspire. Inform. Engage.