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More Moving On

Monday, June 30th, 2014

good_luckWe have had several months of change at PeKu.  From adding new writers and a marketing coordinator to the resignation of long-term writers.  As I noted in early May, my first two official PeKu writers both left to further their education and career.  In May and June, I accepted the resignation of two other long-term writers.  As I type this, I realize that it sounds like people are abandoning the PeKu ship, but rather each of these is someone who is changing his life trajectory.

John Frazzetta began writing for PeKu in June 2008.  A single twenty-something he began our beer review column on Parched No More and also wrote weekly music columns for Tunes News.  Over the last six years John has grown with PeKu, creating a beer rubric and penning our Featured Artist column each month.  In his personal life, I have watched virtually as he married and had a baby.  A couple months ago John told me that it was time for him to retire his keyboard to focus on other goals, which I understood.  Today we published John’s final artist and beer reviews.  Having him here since PeKu launched has been wonderful.  His thoughts were always entertaining and informative. I wish him well in all in his future endeavors.

Jacob P. began writing for PeKu in April 2009.  A thirteen year old, who happened to be my son, he was the second writer to pen the Teen Perspective column on Your Parenting Info.  Jake added other topics to his repertoire over the five years: amphibian and reptile articles on Feathers Fins and Fur, travel articles on Good Life Review, and men’s shopping on Go Shopping Info among others.  In April Jake accepted an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy and submitted a resignation for the end of May.  He reported to USAFA last Thursday.  With the schedule he will keep there, he won’t have time to write articles, of that he is sure.  As the editor-in-chief, I will miss reading his articles and the snippets of sarcastic humor infused.  As his mom, I will miss every day with him but am proud of him attaining this goal.

Of course, with two writers leaving we will have new writers joining us. Be sure to check for my column next week when I make some introductions.

To John and Jake, best of luck. Your writing will be missed.

Meet the Team- R. Carnavale

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

sonicR. Carnavale joined the PeKu writing team in April 2012. Since that time, this writer has shown a natural ability to write about many topics.  Covering everything from gaming to fashion to travel and much more, R. Carnavale has a great way of researching topics and writing articles that entertain and info.  To learn more about this member of the PeKu team I conducted an interview recently. Read on to learn more.

MPK: When you aren’t writing articles, what do you like to  do with your free time?

RC: I enjoy playing video games, reading, drawing and going to the movies. I’m also building a life-size superhero from scratch, so on sunny days, you’ll often find me outside fiberglassing 1000’s of paper cut-outs. If all goes as planned, I hope to wear the costume to a comic con later this year.

MPK: Which publication is your favorite to write for?

RC: That’s a good question. PeKu has so many amazing publicatIons and I enjoy contributing to all of them. Writing for Level Revel is great because I get paid to review the video game I’ve been playing that week.

MPK: You have written several articles about comic conventions. Do you attend them regularly?

RC: Yes — I love going to comic cons and comic book events! I’ve been to comic cons all over the country.

MPK: You also write many video game reviews. Do you have a favorite or go-to game?

RC: This will probably sound a little bit silly, but “Sonic the Hedgehog” games are my favorite go-to games (especially after a long day) because the gameplay is always quick, upbeat and fun.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

RC: I can’t resist sweets with peanut butter in them — my all-time favorite sundae has peanut butter ice cream, Reese’s peanut butter cup pieces and hot fudge.

Working Together

Monday, June 16th, 2014

conference room meetingI built PeKu’s team on a completely virtual basis.  My designer and engineer are in Europe.  My editors are in the US and Canada.  My writers are distributed among a few continents. As I have hired new team members, location never mattered.

Even though PeKu is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, coming to the office never was a requirement.  The only thing that mattered was that you did your job well and were punctual.   We use collaborative software that keeps team members on the same page.  Working with my editorial team, we hold monthly meetings utilizing an online meeting tool to discuss ideas and issues.

Interestingly the only people that I worked with in the same physical location were my interns.  Every week or two, I would meet with them on their campus.  We would review previous projects and discuss future goals.  However, this was a small part of their internships, as once again this role could be filled virtually.

However, I just hired our first marketing coordinator.  While most of her work will be completed virtually, we do have monthly, in-person meetings planned.  After holding our first in-person meeting, I definitely feel a benefit to it.  Most of what we did could have been completed virtually, there were advantages.  We could discuss an idea, return to our individual projects, and then share a follow-up to the original idea a couple minutes later.  We could sketch out ideas in real time, instead of emailing or sharing files and waiting for a response.

Does this epiphany change the way I want to run PeKu?  Not really.  I think there is a lot of downtime when working in an office.  Working on your own, if you’re focused, allows you to get many projects done without interruption.  However, would regularly scheduled in-person meetings benefit certain roles? Absolutely.

The net-net is that I think the addition of a marketing coordinator is going to help PeKu in many ways.  Collaborating, brainstorming, and working together will be even more beneficial.

In the Community: PeKu Publications Awards Scholarship to Local High School Student

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Manchester, NH– Each year, PeKu has been awarding a scholarship called the PeKu Publication Scholarship. It is given to one graduating senior at Campbell High School in Litchfield, NH. This town carries particularly meaningful weight to our Founder and CEO, Michele Pesula Kuegler, who grew up in the area. The scholarship has been awarded for the past three years, generously providing the receiving senior with $500.00 to put towards their future educational endeavors.
This award is offered to one diligent student who has earned a ranking in the top 15% of their class. To be considered for the scholarship, a student must exemplify conscientiousness and dedication to studies.

The scholarship seeks to aid the recipient in succeeding in reaching their future goals and passions by providing one of the first stepping stones to preparing for college. This year, Senior Rebecca Landrau was the commendable receiver of the award. She will be attending Florida Institute of Technology located in Melbourne, Florida’s second largest private college. Nationally ranked, the college concentrates primarily in the area of technology and science. Rebecca plans to study the challenging and intriguing field of aerospace engineering.

Seeing as PeKu Publications is a content-based publication company, it only made sense that the recipient of the award demonstrated thorough and attentive writing skills. Candidates for the scholarship wrote an essay, and it was thoroughly assessed by the editorial team. After careful consideration, Rebecca was chosen for her originality, fluent writing skills, and academic excellence.

As the years are progressing, college is becoming increasingly more competitive; students seeking to further their education deserve to be rewarded. PeKu Publications is proud to participate in the local community, and honored to share in growth of young students seeking to achieve their academic goals. Their ability to participate in the development of education is a humbling and inspiring experience, and they hope to continue this tradition.

About PeKu Publications

PeKu Publications is an emergent Internet-based publishing company, which is home to 22 niche properties, featuring content in eight unique channels. For more information about PeKu Publications, go to or contact Michele Pesula Kuegler at

PeKu News- June 2014

Monday, June 9th, 2014

PeKu News copyIt’s June, which means that graduation season is in full swing.  All (?) college and university graduations are done, but many preschool, elementary, middle, and high schools have graduations ahead.  Campbell High School, which is my town’s school, celebrates graduation this Friday night. On Wednesday, they will hold their Senior Night at which I will present the third annual PeKu Publications scholarship.

Of course, I can’t announce the person who is receiving this award, that is a huge secret! However, I can share how much I enjoy being able to provide a scholarship to a college-bound senior.  This scholarship is a celebration of many things.  First and foremost, it recognizes one senior who has crafted the winning essay and is a top student in his or her class.  Second, this scholarship allows PeKu to give back to the local community.  Third, it allows PeKu to celebrate our birthday by giving rather than receiving.

This July marks the sixth birthday of PeKu Publications.  Ever since we started celebrating the company’s birthday, at big number three, we have chosen to do so by giving to others rather than receiving.  With this scholarship we feel that we have found the perfect combination.  Inviting top students to submit essays about their future seems the perfect fit for a publishing company that aims to inspire its readers every day.  These essays of hopes and dreams are truly inspiring.  While the choice my editors need to make is difficult, they enjoy reading these talented students’ works.

In just two and a half days, the PeKu scholarship will be presented, along with many other awards, scholarships, and prizes.  I am sure it will be a fabulous night, one in which I am delighted to partake!

June 2014 Highlights

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

June Highlights copyOver the last 6+ years, I have spent a great amount of time thinking about the building and growing of PeKu.  Initially my goals were to add content.  This meant that I spent a lot of time writing articles.  As we grew, I added more writers to help me increase the amount of articles we were publishing on a weekly basis.  As the number of articles and readers grew, so did our revenue, which allowed me to add an editor to help with overseeing all of the articles we published. PeKu continued to snowball: more writers, more articles, another editor.

Having reached a comfortable total of 100 articles published each week, I focused on other aspects of this business.  Updating designs, adding features, finding specialists to round out our writing team.  However, at the beginning of this year, I realized that there was another direction in which PeKu could grow- we needed to add a team member to support us in marketing.

Over the past few years marketing efforts have been led by myself with assistance from college interns.  This year I decided that it was time for me to find someone to fill this role with a focus only on marketing.  The time that I give the role is not enough for a company this size.  So, today I am pleased to announce that we have hired our first Marketing Coordinator, Sam Tiscia.  Sam was our intern in the spring of this year and has proven herself to be a dedicated, creative team member. I very much look forward to seeing the new and inspiring campaigns she creates.

Here’s to a June filled with great articles produced by our writers and editors and new promotional ideas from our newly created marketing department!

Inspire. Inform. Engage.