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Chrystal Mahan

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Chrystal Mahan

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Chrystal Mahan, author of Easy Accounting for the Self-Employed & Food Bloggers Tax Guide, is the owner of the websites Self Employed Writer and YUM eating. She has been freelance writing for various publication for 13 years. She holds an Associate’s in Accounting degree, a Bachelor’s in General Studies with majors in Marketing, Business and Accounting, and a Master’s degree in Business. Her hobbies include reading, creating writing, and finding new ways to reuse, repurpose and upcycle through various craft and DIY projects.

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Going Around and Around

Monday, September 16th, 2013

checkered_flagThere are many interesting parts to my role at PeKu.  One of those is that I absorb a wide array of information daily, as I review our sites.  Of course, with twenty-three diverse publications, there are some that are of more interest to me than others.  Thankfully, with a capable team of writers and editors, I am able to take a quick glance at the topics which I find to be less entertaining or enthralling.

As I have mentioned previously, I am not interested in the world of gaming.  I also find NASCAR to be a monotonous sport.  To me it seems that it is just a continual line of cars going around the track, again and again and again. . .  I’m sure if I took more time, I could learn more about this sport and discover the excitement, but it just doesn’t feel like my cup of tea.

So, when articles are published on Gas Pedal Addicts, I take a quick peek, maybe skim a few words, and move along.  However, when it is time to redesign the publication or review its editorial calendar, I then need to delve more deeply.  Oddly, I find this to be another interesting part of my job.  For even though I am not a NASCAR fan, I do enjoy researching almost anything.

Before a redesign or content change, I study the topic.  I look at industry news and other publications to see what we need to do to stay on top of our game.  For a period of time I immerse myself in this subject area, brainstorm with team members, and then determine the best way for us to change and grow.  After implementation, we have a shiny, new-to-PKP publication, which is an exhilarating feeling.

Two weeks ago we launched our newest version of Gas Pedal Addicts. Although it is not one of my favorites, I think its new design and new column make it quite fabulous.  Take a peek, and let me know what you think.

The Value of Bargain Shopping

Monday, September 9th, 2013

dollar signWith teens that are in high school, the rush of back to school shopping is different.  When they were little, it was almost certain that they would outgrow clothing.  If they didn’t outgrow their outfits, they definitely were well-worn from recess, art class, etc.  Now, they are able to keep clothing items for greater periods of time, as long as they don’t have growth spurts or the style didn’t go out of fashion.

Thus, for the start of this school year, our 15 year old was fairly well-stocked for the start of the year.  We did purchase one new outfit for the start of school, but she seems to be all set until cooler weather returns.

Our 17 year old is another story. Although we shopped for him in the spring, he’s had another growth spurt, so yesterday we headed to the mall with hopes of finding some shorts still on the racks.  Imagine our delight when the first store we entered had a plethora of shorts available– and in his size and colors he liked!  Even better, the shorts were on sale, which meant saving some money but also getting a little extra.

We had set a plan of what items he needed and how many of each.  However, with everything (yes, every item we bought) on sale, we got an extra item of this and that.  Even buying more than planned, we still spent less than I had mentally budgeted for.

As we shopped for shirts and shoes, my son knew the value of checking the clearance racks.  When a shirt is a style you like and on sale, that’s the one to choose.  Saving money there allows for the splurge on another item that you really want, such as a customized item from The Tee Hive.  It’s all a matter of balance.

Although bargain shopping may not sound trendy, it sure does help expand the wardrobe.

Labor Day

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

workToday is Labor Day in the US, a day to celebrate the American workforce.  As it is a holiday and my husband and I have snuck away for a long weekend trip, I had considered making today’s post a simple one.  Maybe just “Happy Labor Day!” and a picture.  However, I decided that for this holiday it wasn’t the right choice.

PeKu Publications has been built on the work of my team and me.  Articles are due on a weekly basis, regardless to holidays or snowstorms.  When a writer is away or ill, the articles assigned to him or her aren’t eliminated; someone else fills the writing role.

As the CEO/Editor-in-Chief there have been many times when the world of the internet threw a curveball my way.  Ready to head to a function or to read a book on the couch, a work issue that needed immediate tending appeared, and my schedule was changed.  Regardless to whether a server needs to be checked, an article needs a second review, or an interviewee calls earlier than anticipated, I need to be flexible.

So, as I sit in our room at the bed and breakfast, I am writing my weekly Editorially Yours column.  With the joys of running PKP comes the responsibility to make sure that all runs well, regardless to the day or time.  So, after editing a few articles for an editor who is on vacation and completing this column, I will then go to breakfast.

Happy Labor Day to all, whether you are working or relaxing (or both) today!