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Fitness Focus

Monday, July 29th, 2013

boxingI always have enjoyed being active, but at some point after having children, I decided that the running around that I did with them was enough to be considered exercise.  About seven years ago, when my kids were older elementary aged, I decided that as they were beginning to be independent of me, it was time for me to more independent also.  At that time I began exercising for me.

Over the last seven years, I have discovered that I absolutely love incorporating fitness into my life.  Six days a week, I start my day with a workout, switching between cardio and strength training.  It allows me to focus on me before I immerse myself in work.  When I travel, I am sure to pack my workout gear and plan on how and where I will be able to exercise.

As I’ve become more focused on my fitness, I’ve learned that change is good.  Not only does it help to avoid boredom, which leads to poorer performance during a workout, it helps to keep oneself in top form.  Over the last five years, I have found a number of great ideas on our fitness publication, My Fitness Tunes.  It was there that I discovered planks, which I added to my core routine.  Since then I’ve learned a variety of options for planks that allows me to change things up.

Having the support of friends and family is also useful for keeping my workout current.  Two of my children are serious high school athletes, and they often share new-to-them exercises with me.  My husband also appreciates my passion for fitness and has introduced me to new forms of exercise, such as a heavy bag.  At first, I wondered what he was thinking, but I now absolutely adore my boxing workouts.  There’s quite like getting some good cardio and taking out your frustrations at the same time.

I know fitness isn’t something that everyone enjoys.  For me, it is a focal part of my day.  Maybe your focus is reading, gardening, or kayaking.  Whatever it is, find that thing that inspires you, and make time on a weekly basis (or more often) to focus on you.

New Classics

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

movie_theatreThe phrase “new classics” seems like an oxymoron.  I mean, how can something be new and a classic at the same time?  According to Merriam-Webster, it can mean something from the ancient Greeks or Romans; a standard of excellence; and historically memorable, among other definitions.  However, there are things, such as hit songs from the 80s, which while not falling into any of those three categories do seem to be classic.

One specific example for me is The Breakfast Club.  For people of my age, it was a movie that defined our generation. We could identify with all of the characters and their perceptions of teenage life.  As a favorite movie from my teen years, I watched it with two of my teens recently and wondered if it would impact them similarly.  The answer:  it did.  At home the other day my 15 year old daughter was flipping through channels, saw the movie, and asked her friend if she’d seen the movie.  Hearing no, she suggested they watch it, because it was that good.

So, this movie, which is only 28 years old, has withstood almost three decades of change and still rings true.  Doesn’t that qualify it as a classic, just of a newer persuasion?  I think so.  Promoting this line of thinking, we have created a new category for reviews on Flick Rev, our movie publication.  On a biweekly basis we will be publishing a classic movie review, which will highlight a movie that is 25 years or older.  While I am sure there will be movies that are much older than that, I also encourage the review of newer movies that made an impact.

What do you think?  Does my praise fall too soon for these movies?  Should more time pass before anything be considered a classic?  Or am I right in my thinking?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please feel free to share in the comments.

Meet the Team- Tabitha Akery

Monday, July 15th, 2013

writingHaving been a member of our writing team since March 2011, Tabitha is an extremely versatile writer.  Covering everything from parenting to politics and gardening to gaming, she is a knowledgeable columnist.  From her I articles I have discovered many great ideas for holiday parties, learned about interesting tv shows, and decided to watch a new movie.

To learn a little more about the woman behind all of these great articles, I am pleased to share my interview of Tabitha with you.

MPK: When you aren’t writing articles, what do you like to do with your free time?

TA: When I am not writing articles, I like to read and play online games. I like to go to the beach as well. I also have several projects in the works in which I hope to publish at a later date.

MPK: Which publication is your favorite to write for?

TA: I have worked for many writing companies. My favorite so far is PeKu Publications. I really like working with the editors on this site.

MPK: You have reviewed many books for ‘Bout Books. What is your all-time favorite book or author?

TA: I have two favorite authors of all time. The first is Clive Clusser because he mixes history along with adventure under the ocean. My second is Mark Twain. I really admire his way of breaking the rules of writing while still maintaining a lot of humor.

MPK: You also write for Feathers Fins and Fur.  Do you have any pets?

TA: I have two pets. One is a border collie named Sierra. I got her when she was just a puppy about eight years ago. I also have a cat named Oscar who will be a year old in October. He is a bit of a trouble-maker.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

TA: One fun fact is that I used to coach and play soccer. I still love the sport itself.

A Few Observations

Monday, July 8th, 2013

cookoutAfter a long weekend, it feels good to be 100% sure what today’s date is.  With 4th of July on Thursday and a semi-workday on Friday, I have needed to consider carefully the day of the week.  Today, however, I was sure that it was Monday. While the relaxed schedule over the last four days was nice, it also is nice to know exactly what day it is.

Over this long weekend we filled our days with a number of different activities.  One of those was a family cookout, at which I made a few observations.

  1. You never can estimate how much food 17 year old boys will eat.  Our older son invited 5 friends to the cookout.  Thus, we prepared many burgers and hot dogs and had plenty of soda and chips.  Currently, we have many cans of soda and a couple bags of chips in the pantry and a freezer with a good number of hot dogs and hamburgers.
  2. A football will unify boys of all ages.  Recently I have noticed that our 17 and 12 year old sons don’t spend as much time together.  There isn’t any fighting, but the age gap has begun to show.  However, if a football is produced, a pick-up game will allow all to participate.
  3. A deck of cards works well with teenage girls.  Our 15 year old loves to spend time in her bedroom (on the third floor, far from the world).  With a few family friends and a deck of cards, she is more than glad to spend an hour or more playing a silly, yet aggressive, game of spoons. Alternately, a closet of dance costumes for girls can lead to much fun and giggles.
  4. This one I already knew, but it is worth repeating.  There is nothing quite like having your kids all together.

Our summer is off to a great start.  Here’s hoping yours is also!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Monday, July 1st, 2013

katie_kiersteadToday marks a great milestone for PKP; today is our fifth birthday.  When I launched this company, formerly known as Wasabi Media Group, I had no idea what lay ahead.  With a team of three writers, no editors, and shared engineer and designer, we managed to publish fourteen articles each week.  With twenty-four publications, that meant that for almost half of our publications we were publishing on a biweekly basis.  We truly were a fraction of what we are today.

Today we are a much bigger company, comprised of two editors, nineteen writers, fifteen specialists, one communications specialist, and full-time designer and engineer.  We publish one hundred articles each week, which means that most of our twenty-three publications are publishing four times a week.  Even more amazing is the fact that we have 1.7 million visitors each month.  While I had hopes for this company, I think our numbers have exceeded my practical guesses on where we would be.

I am incredibly proud of our growth.  I know that it is possible only because of the great team that I have.  I am surrounded by a dedicated, reliable staff that makes PKP shine.  From submitting informative articles to detailed editing to creative designing, all of the team plays a vital role in our success.

What makes our success even more exciting is our ability to give back.  Building PKP has taken much help from others, many of whom have donated time: providing advice, sharing knowledge, brainstorming ideas.  For the last three years we have been able to donate to others, with the last two years being in the form of a scholarship.  Last month we presented the second annual PeKu Publications Scholarship to Katie Kierstead, a senior at Campbell High School.

There may not be a cake served today to celebrate our fifth birthday, but it is a day of great celebration for us.  Happy birthday to us!  I look forward to many more.