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PeKu Publications Publishes First eBook

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Manchester, NH-With 23 existing online niche publications, PKP has added
another dimension to its resume with the publication of its first eBook. Entertaining with PKP is
an eBook filled with appetizers and cocktails courtesy of two of PKP’s niche publications, Think
Tasty and Parched No More.

This eBook, available for both Nook and Kindle, is a guide to creating a party menu that’s time
manageable for the host, easy to prepare, and most importantly, enjoyable for the guests. The
array of appetizers range from treats, like stuffed mushrooms and goat cheese mini tarts, to
delicious sides, such as eggplant parmesan and lamb meatballs. A few of the cocktails include
Honey Dew on the Rocks, Puzzle Me Pomegranate Martinis, and Pineapple Margaritas.

Entertaining with PKP was published on January 14th, 2013. CEO and Editor-in-Chief of PeKu
Publications, Michele Pesula Kuegler, commented on the new book, “The pairing of recipes
from Parched No More and Think Tasty was a terrific collaboration. Combining cocktail and
appetizer recipes into one eBook simplifies party planning while providing delicious options for
the menu.”

Entertaining with PKP is available online at and

This eBook is the first in a series of eBooks that highlights the inspiring and innovative content
that PeKu Publications provides.

About PeKu Publications
PeKu Publications is an emergent Internet-based publishing company, which is home to 23
niche properties, featuring content in eight unique sections. For more information about PeKu
Publications go to or contact Michele Pesula Kuegler at

PeKu Publications enters a new area of publishing with the release of their first eBook.

Make Your Own Holiday

Monday, January 28th, 2013

It’s nearing the end of January, the temperatures are low on the thermometer, and the sun still sets before dinnertime.  The excitement of the holidays, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, or what have you, is over.  Valentine’s is still more than two weeks away, and that’s only thrilling if you have a special someone to share the day.  Thus, for many, the blahs of winter are descending.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are an assortment of ways to turn this colder, darker time of year into something more festive.  Sunset is still early?  Light candles or, if your home has curious pets or young children, use battery powered candles to add a festive touch.  Ignore the cold by cooking dinner in the crockpot.  After a long day at work, walking through the door to the smells of dinner will make everything feel warmer.

Rather than waiting for the next holiday to arrive, find an obscure holiday to celebrate.  When my children were preschool age and the winter was growing long, I discovered Ice For Breakfast Day.  If you want to see excited kids, serve them homemade waffles topped with ice cream for breakfast.  Over ten years later, they still talk about it.

If you’re feeling really creative, invent your own holiday.  In our home, if we know we’ll be trapped at home due to a snowstorm, it’s a good reason for a movie and snacks day.  Celebrate your dog’s birthday, have a kids make dinner day, pick a random date and have cake for dessert to acknowledge the day.  The possibilities are endless.

If you’re reading this and thinking that you’re not the creative sort, check out our holiday publication, Holidays Helper.  There you’ll find snack ideas, craft directions for kids of all ages, suggestions for decor and favors, and much more.

Get rid of the winter blahs and add some fun to your day.

For those interested, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in February.

Meet the Specialist- Lori Teller DVM

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Our pet publication, Feathers Fins and Fur, began publishing the Ask the Vet column in the summer of 2010.   Offering suggestions for pet issues, such as hairballs, and educating our readers on an assortment of health and behavior topics, this column is dedicated to the concerns of the audience. Dr. Teller has been a valuable asset for Feathers Fins and Fur, answering readers’ questions for the last year and a half.

Here’s your chance to learn more about our veterinarian!

MPK: Our readers know you simply as “Ask the Vet”.  Do you specialize in any areas?

DT: I am board-certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in canine and feline medicine. This means I’ve done extra study on the medical problems in dogs and cats. Some people specialize in certain organ systems, such as cardiologists and the heart or neurologists and the brain, but I specialize in 2 species, canines and felines.

MPK: You cover so many topics in Ask the Vet.  Is there a particular area of interest in the veterinary world that you most enjoy?

DT: I have a particular fondness for gastrointestinal diseases, pain management, and the problems of our senior pets. There are many different reasons for our pets to have vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, or other issues related to the GI tract. An animal’s response to pain is something we learn more and more about all the time, and there are so many options now for providing relief and keeping animals comfortable, whether it’s related to acute pain from trauma or the chronic pain of osteoarthritis. As our knowledge base and medical technology advance, our pets are living longer and longer lives. They develop many of the chronic diseases that humans do, so it is very rewarding to manage these patients and maintain a very good quality of life for them well into their twilight years. I also greatly enjoy cytology. When a dog or cat presents with an abnormal growth, mass, lump, or bump, I can take a needle aspirate and examine the cells under the microscope (cytology) to determine if they are benign or malignant, and in some cases, even determine what type of tumor it is.

MPK: What do you like best about being a veterinarian?

DT: Every day is a new day. It brings different patients with different problems. The great thing about dogs and cats is that no 2 are alike. Their personalities are unique. I could have 3 patients come in with vomiting and all 3 could be from different causes and require different diagnostics and therapeutics. I also love knowing that I can make a difference in the health and welfare of animals. It is great fun to have a first time puppy or kitten owner come in and have the chance to discuss all the things involved in raising the newest member of the family. It is particularly rewarding to watch as humans and their animals bond and the deep love that develops between them. It is wonderful being able to strengthen and maintain that bond throughout an animal’s life. I also enjoy getting to know the people who care for their pets. There are some wonderful clients who are incredibly devoted to their pets and want to work as a team to ensure the best for their dog or cat.

MPK: What is the most unique animal that you have treated?

DT: We had a rescued tiger club briefly. It had been confiscated from someone who had obtained it illegally and was providing inadequate care for it. We kept it and cared for it until the appropriate wildlife facility was located to take over his long term care.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

DT: I love to travel! My favorite trips have been to Africa and the Galapagos. We also spend time every year in Colorado.  I love trips where I can get out and do things, such as hiking in the mountains or learning about another culture. We live in a fascinating world, and there are always new things to learn. I’m a knowledge sponge, and I can never know enough.

Julia Loschiavo

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Julia is a rising junior at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, pursuing an Honors English and Web Design degree. Her interests include reading, writing, baking, yoga, and studying French.

Recent Articles from Julia Loschiavo

Furry, Feathered Family

Monday, January 14th, 2013

As a former pet owner, I cherish the bond that can be formed between an animal and its owner.  For most of my childhood and early adult years, I almost always had a cat or dog as a companion.  Although we didn’t speak the same language, there certainly was a connection between owner and pet.  Whether I was upset or excited, my pets always could sense the mood and respond in kind.

I’ve been thinking about this bond more over the past few days, as my parents had to euthanize their dog.  The cancer which he had been battling for a year and a half had taken its toll, and it was time to ease his suffering.  When I talked to them that night, neither cried but there certainly was emotion in their voices.  He was family, of course it would be painful for them.

While there are some who don’t understand the relationship between people and their pets, I feel fortunate to have experienced the loyalty of a dog and the comfort of a cat.  When a cat snuggles into your lap while you cry or a dog greets you at the door with a wagging tail, it is heart-warming.

For pet owners, our publication, Feathers Fins and Fur, is a great resource.  Whether you are seeking information about cat health, have a question for our veterinarian, or need to learn more about amphibian care, we can help.  For those who are considering adding a pet to their home,  FFF can help.  Learn about different breeds of fish or educate yourself before you bring a puppy home.

Visit Feathers Fins and Fur to help with the furry, feathered, or finned members of your family.


January Highlights

Monday, January 7th, 2013

We took most of our Christmas decorations down yesterday.  We still have some winter decor adding a bit of detail to our home, but it lacks the shimmer and shine that the month of December brings.  The brightly wrapped presents that were nestled under the tree and the fuzzy stockings that adorned the stairway have been replaced by. . .nothing.  So although it is the start of a new year, it feels a bit anti-climatic.

Rather than focusing on the absence of such things, I’ve decided to focus on the new and interesting things to come in the month of January.

  • Go Shopping Info will be displaying a new look in the next few weeks.  As we continue to provide insight on fashion and bargains for men and women, we also are adding a biweekly feature on fashion for teens.  Checking GSI out for the latest on saving and style savvy!
  • The world of sports is becoming exciting again.  The NHL will have a season, albeit shortened.  The NFL is one week into the playoffs.  Visit Buzzer Eagle to find out what are the top picks for sport viewing each weekend.
  • Want to educate yourself on birth defect prevention?  The editors of Health Eagle have chosen this topic as the observance for the month of January.  Return weekly to learn more.
  • If you’re seeking some intellectual debate, head over to Camp Campaign to see what topics are political columnists are covering.  They always are ready to engage in some conversation, so leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Whatever you choose to read or do, be sure to find something that engages and inspires.  Don’t give in to the doldrums of January.

Inspire. Inform. Engage.