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An End & a Beginning

Monday, December 31st, 2012

As we tick down to the end of 2012, it is easy to let the mind wander through the highs and lows of the past year.  The biggest event for us was our rebranding from Wasabi Media Group to PeKu Publications.  Although our format for publishing didn’t change, nor did any major piece of our structure, the new name has helped to identify us more concisely.

In 2012 we also saw the formation of new partnerships and the addition of new features.  Some of these include our newest monthly column, Ask the Dog Teacher (Feathers Fins and Fur), and our newest biweekly column, the Bridal Specialist (Here Comes a Bride).  We also added some finesses to our editorial calendar with the addition of a monthly travel destination (Good Life Review), health observance (Health Eagle), and featured artist (Tunes News).

In addition to changes, we also saw continued growth as the number of readers continued to increase.  We now have approximately three million readers joining us every month.  I am certain that the excellent work of our writers and editors is what brings and retains our audience.  Of course, the diligent work of our designer and engineer shouldn’t be ignored, for they make all of the well-crafted words display well.

I thank you for joining us in 2012 and look forward to an exciting 2013.  Happy New Year to all!

A Mere Act of Kindness

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Last Wednesday, my husband and I were driving on the highway to attend our high school son’s and daughter’s wrestling meet.  As we approached the tollbooth, I realized that our EZ-Pass transponder was in our other car.  My husband handed a dollar bill to me, as I moved to the cash lane.  When we reached the booth, the attendant smiled and said, “The car ahead of you paid for you.  Merry Christmas!”

I’ve heard about these acts of kindness previously.  Drivers paying tolls for others; customers buying coffee for the person behind them.  However, I had never had this happen to me before nor had my husband.  What I found most amazing was the way such a small deed made me feel so pleased.  A simple, purse sense of joy permeated through my body as we continued the drive north.

On the way home later that evening, when we approached the tollbooth we gave the attendant two dollars and asked him to pay for the car behind us.  It seemed right to pay forward this act of kindness as soon as possible.  Knowing that we had done a small favor for one person elicited that same feeling of joy.

Although we say it all the time, it really is the littlest of things that makes a difference. A smile. A card sent for no special reason. A genuine “How are you?”

The next time you’re driving on the highway or stopping for a coffee and have a spare dollar or two, consider paying for the person behind you.  You may be amazed at how good it will make you feel.

Meet the Team- Anna Peel

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Anna Peel has been a member of the PKP team for almost four years.  During her time spent writing for us, she has covered a number of topics, including all things wedding related, shopping and fashion, pets, and travel.  Her knowledge of these subject is broad, and she provides our readers with a great amount of advice and suggestions.  Whether you want to update your wardrobe or learn more about a travel destination, Anna has written an article that will inspire.

Allow me to introduce you to Anna.

MPK: When you aren’t writing articles, what do you like to do with your free time?

AP: When I’m not writing, I’m usually shopping, watching movies, reading books, or eating out.

MPK: Which publication is your favorite to write for?

AP:I love to write for all the publications I write for, but if I had to choose just one, it would be Go Shopping Info.

MPK: As you write for Feathers Fins and Fur, our pet publication, do you own any pets?  If so, what do you have?

AP: I have one cat named Eddie. He’s about four years old, and we rescued him a few days before Thanksgiving.

MPK: You have been writing for us for almost four years.  Have you always enjoyed writing?

AP: I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I never dreamed I would actually make a career from it.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

AP: I’m actually in the works of starting my first fiction novel!

PeKu Publications Welcomes New Bridal Specialist at Here Comes a Bride

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Manchester, NH— A new bridal specialist has been added to the lineup of Here Comes a Bride, one of PKP’s 23 niche publications. The specialist, Allison DeCesere, is the co-founder of another bridal website named ‘My Bridal Dream.’ She wrote her first column for Here Comes a Bride on October 24th of this year.

Allison DeCesere is the co-founder of My Bridal Dream, a website that matches brides and vendors for various aspects of the wedding planning process. The site allows the bride-to-be to fill out a questionnaire which matches the bride to potential vendor options to create her perfect wedding team. Ms. DeCesere originally helped plan weddings but was looking for a different way to use her skills when she noticed the lack of information about vendors in one convenient location for brides. With this in mind, she created My Bridal Dream in 2011.

Allison DeCesere’s new column in Here Comes a Bride will be published bi-weekly. The first article, titled “Backyard Weddings—Not Always Cheaper” gives readers insight to Ms. DeCesere’s own experience in wedding planning as well as tips on how to plan a backyard wedding cost-efficiently. Says Ms. DeCesere about the column, “Wedding planning can be overwhelming and incredibly time consuming. I enjoy offering advice to make the process easier and more enjoyable.”

The current team at PeKu Publications welcomes the addition of a new member to Here Comes a Bride. Michele Pesula Kuegler, CEO and founder of PKP, states “The addition of an experienced bridal professional to the Here Comes a Bride team will provide our readers with an even greater depth of knowledge to assist in the wedding planning process.”

About PeKu Publications

PeKu Publications is an emergent Internet-based publishing company, which is home to 23 niche properties, featuring content in eight unique channels. For more information about PeKu Publications go to or contact Michele Pesula Kuegler at

Good Service Can Be Hard to Find

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Over the last three months, I have had the great misfortune of having to deal with Sears.  Due to an appliance that initially seemed fixable, which upon a second inspection was not, I have been in communication with Sears, in regards to parts that needed to be returned.  While our situation was different, in that the parts weren’t simply taken back by the technician, it was not difficult.  All I needed was for the parts to be shipped to Sears and a credit to be issued.  However, it has taken three months for both of these to occur.

For Sears the difficulty was caused by an issue that they created.  When our Sears card expired, they issued a new card with a different number.  Unfortunately, the parts were ordered with the old card, and the credit was to be sent to the new card.  Numerous employees at Sears explained that without the old card’s number, I couldn’t be issued a refund.  I patiently explained that the old card had been shredded, as is protocol, but I did have a new card.  Conveniently, Sears was able to move the balance from card to card, so couldn’t the credit be moved to the card?

After three months of discussing this issue, a resolution was offered finally.  Sears would send a check.  Of course, I am still awaiting the arrival of the check, but I am hopeful.

How does this experience relate to PKP?  I like to think that although we don’t have customers, we do have readers to whom we try to provide excellent service.  We have several advice columns that are built on our readers’ suggestions.  Ask the Bartender, Ask the Chef, Ask the Dog Teacher, Ask the Vet, Ask the Doctor, and Parenting Predicament were created to deliver answers to our audience.  When questions are submitted, they are delivered to our experts and added to their queues as soon as possible.

We also do our best to reply to comments left among our twenty-three publications.  As I review interactions in our comment threads, I am proud to say that our writers typically respond within a reasonable amount of time and are engaging.

Our readers are a primary part of our success and are due excellent service.  I’d like to think that PKP delivers that.

December Highlight

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

I love many things about this time of year.  I love that although it is dark by 4:30 in the afternoon, there are candles in windows and decorative lights on houses.  I relish the special sweets and snacks that typically are made only at this time of year.  I look forward to extra time spent with family, time in which no one has a cell phone, laptop, or other electronic device in hand.

Yes, it is a romanticized version of December in my mind.  I know that when I shop there will be longer lines at checkout, and before that holiday gathering there will be a mad flurry of housecleaning.  However, I like to think about the joyous parts of this season.  There is something so peaceful and calming about sitting down for two minutes, enjoying the glow of the candles, and quietly reflecting before moving onto the next daily task.

In  that same spirit of joy, we are embarking on our second annual holiday treat series at our food publication, Think Tasty.  During the month of December we will be sharing recipes that are near and dear to members of the PKP team.  Take a couple minutes to stop by and find a recipe that can become a new holiday treat in your home.

And don’t forget, take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the beauty of the season.

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