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Musical Connections

Monday, June 25th, 2012

I have always enjoyed music, although I have almost no musical talents.  I can’t play any instruments, well, except for a few tunes on a recorder, and I’m pretty sure I could manage a tambourine.  As far as singing goes, it probably is something best done when I’m alone.  However, even with a lack of skills, music is an integral part of my life.  Whether I’m at work, writing, cooking, driving, or what have you, I love to have music playing in the background.

Depending on what I’m doing, I have preferences for the music.  If I’m in deep thought as I write, I like to listen to classical music or film scores.  If I am driving, I tend to like top 40 music, which makes any kids in the car happy about my choice.  If I am cooking, then I like to go with the shuffle option and listen to anything from Frank Sinatra to Tchaikovsky to Linkin Park to Adele.  Except for country music and heavy metal, I am open to almost any music genre.

My interest in music places Tunes News in my top ten list of favorite WMG publications.  Through our team of writers I find myself introduced to new bands and albums that may make nice additions to my music collection.  As we increase the publishing schedule and make changes to the site, I always am excited to see what Tunes News has to offer.

Today, we are relaunching Tunes News with a new design.  In addition to a new look, we have added a couple new features.  First, each month we will be highlighting a featured artist.  Last month we started this series with a focus on the Beastie Boys.  Second, we have added a poll that will allow our readers to help us choose the featured artist for the upcoming month.  We will supply the readers with three options, and they will determine which gets to be featured.

If you have this same connection to music that I do, you may want to check out Tunes News.

Meet the Team- Bea V.

Monday, June 18th, 2012

When I started Editorially Yours, I envisioned it as a way to give readers a little more insight behind the scenes at Wasabi Media Group.  I think I have accomplished that goal in some ways.  What I realized recently, though, is that most of the insight has been focused on me.  With our combination of team members and specialists numbering thirty-six, it seems about time to introduce some of them to all of you.

Starting this Monday and continuing on the third Monday of every month, I will be introducing a member of the WMG team to you.  We start this article series with Bea V., who has been part of our team since the company’s inception.

MPK: When you aren’t writing articles, what do you like to do with your free time?

BV: What free time? Just kidding, I make sure to get some free time in my life otherwise I think I would go crazy! On a normal work week, my free time
usually ends up getting donated to my attention loving pets. I also make time to get some form of exercise in every day. I’ve been following the p90x workouts, but recently completed it, now so I usually run or do yoga.  On the weekends I drive in to Boston to meet up with friends from school
or I head up to a mountain in New England to either hike or ski (or both!).

MPK: Which publication is your favorite to write for?

BV: My favorite publication to write for is Good Life Review because I love to provide tips and tricks for travelers. I’ve essentially been a travel agent for a lot of my friends who are looking to book on a budget and I’ve loved doing that! I also enjoy writing for Inspector Electra because it keeps me in the loop about the nifty gadgets out there. I learn a lot while writing!

MPK: You have seen much of the world (and written about it). What destination is highest on your to-visit list?

BV: Yikes, that’s a tough one. Europe has been on my mind recently, so I will have to go with the fjords in Norway. I would love to road trip that coast
from Haugsted, to Oslo, to Copenhagen. However, my dream destination is New Zealand.

MPK: One of your more popular articles debated donuts versus bagels. Which do you prefer?

BV: I actually haven’t had a donut for over 5 years; it’s probably closer to 10 at this point. I will admit that I have had munchkins! On the other hand, I try to avoid bagels as well. I wrote that article a while back and have enjoyed reading the comments, but I’m still not sure where I stand on either. They both have pros and cons. For example, the bagel will keep you fuller longer and the donuts have pretty terrible sugar. However, like most things in life, in the long run, both are okay in moderation.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

BV: I’ve recently applied to become a US citizen! I really want to go into the field of aviation, but I’m not quite sure what I want to do yet. It could range from anywhere between airline scheduling optimization to air traffic controlling. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I’m a permanent resident and not a citizen!

Your Parenting Info Website Presents New Column Featuring Advice and Solutions to Parenting Problems

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Manchester, NH-Wasabi Media Group’s parenting website, Your Parenting Info, has added a new column as of March 22, 2012. Titled “Parenting Predicament,” the new column offers parents solutions to problems they have encountered in raising their children.

The topics of the questions vary, and each solution comes complete with tips from other parents on how to deal with the issue. Jane Wangersky, Associate Editor of Wasabi Media Group, states, “We hope to connect parents who need help with experts who can give them fast, concrete advice — and also with the experienced parents among our many readers. If you can’t see which way to go with your kids, ask us.” The most recent predicament, dealing with separation anxiety in infants, gives the reader a method to help the parent leave his or her child for short periods of time. Readers can submit questions to the writers at Your Parenting Info at each individual “Parenting Predicament” article page, or in the “Parenting Predicament” archives.

Your Parenting Info is a website designed to help readers understand children and become better parents. It is one of many websites run by Wasabi Media Group, an online-based media company delivering original quality content in each of its 24 unique websites. The websites cover such topics as entertainment, health and fitness, and style, among others.

For more information on Your Parenting Info’s new column, please visit or

Learning from Mistakes

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Over Memorial Day weekend, I invited another couple to dinner at our house.  With warm weather, it seemed like a great day to grill.  As I enjoy experimenting with new recipes, I decided to put a spin on the classic burger.  My goal was to make Hawaiian-style burgers with ground chicken.  As I mixed the ingredients, I knew it didn’t feel quite right, so I kept adding a little of this and a little of that, hoping for success.  Sadly, these burgers were not meant to be.  The burgers broke into pieces, a good majority of which fell into the grill.

Obviously this was an experiment that failed.  Thankfully our friends are good sports, tried a bite or two of what remained of the burgers, and then we ordered pizza.  In some ways this meal may be one of the more memorable that we have shared; it sure did produce a good amount of laughter.  While I was disappointed in my efforts, I did learn something from this meal.

Maybe that is the best thing that we can hope for in our errors.  Building a company, such as WMG, there are both failures and successes.  Although I enjoy embracing and celebrating the successes, I also make sure that I acknowledge and analyze the failures.  Yes, it would be easy to sweep them under the rug, but studying my errors usually produces greater success in the future.

As WMG continues to grow, we are bound to achieve success and make mistakes.  My hope is that for every mistake we make, we learn something from it, in order to make Wasabi Media Group the best it can be.

June Highlights

Monday, June 4th, 2012

June seems to be a month of celebrations.  Graduations from preschool through high school.  Weddings.  End of the school year.  The official start of summer.  Yes, June is a month for cookouts, parties, and get-togethers.  With long days and warm temperatures, the month simply lends itself to being a time of merriment.

In our family, we have a number of celebrations this month.  Our youngest nephew graduates from pre-kindergarten; our youngest child graduates from elementary school; our second youngest child graduates from middle school.  Of course, we also will celebrate Father’s Day, and the kids will rejoice in the start of summer. (No homework!)  Add to that a family reunion at the end of the month, and we personally have many special occasions to enjoy.

At WMG, we also have reason to celebrate, as we have new features launching this month.

  • Featured Artist of the Month– At Tunes News, our music publication, we will highlight one band or artist each month.  During the month, John Frazzetta will take a closer look at this artist, sharing concert reviews, album reviews, or general thoughts on a weekly basis.  We will start this new article series by featuring the Beastie Boys.
  • How-To Videos– Our home remodeling/renovating publication, ‘Bout Home, offers many great articles with hints, tips, and directions for home projects.  However, the editorial team thought we needed to offer more to our readers.  Thus, this week we begin publishing a how-to video each week.  Covering everything from how to hang wallpaper to how to replace a shower faucet and everything in between, we hope to provide more of the content that our readers want.
  • New Look for Books– As always, we are redesigning and updating our sites.  One of our newest redesigns is ‘Bout Books.  In addition to a new look we have added a new feature, Topic of the Month.  You will find editors’ picks for this category, as well as weekly reviews of books in this topic.  We begin with a personal favorite of mine, cooking.

Whatever June holds in store for you, I hope there is a reason and a time to celebrate.


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