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Wasabi Media Group Announces the Launch of the Giggle Chuckle Party

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Manchester, NH- Wasabi Media Group (WMG), an Internet-based publisher, announces the launch of the Giggle Chuckle Party. Developed on their comedy publication, Giggle Chuckle, this new section aims to provide a humorous view of the presidential election.

The Giggle Chuckle Party (GCP) was created by Ronald A. Rowe, one of the columnists at Giggle Chuckle. Taking a fresh perspective of what presidential candidates need to be, Ron has cultivated a political party and candidate that are entertaining, engaging, and satirical.

Using wittiness to their advantage, the GCP has promoted their candidate with slogans, such as:

  • Remember, a vote for Rowe is a vote against some other guy.
  • Vote Rowe. The other guys are losers.
  • You might as well vote Rowe. What does the President do, anyway?

While this candidacy will hold no weight in any of the primaries, caucuses, or conventions, the Giggle Chuckle Party is an innovative way to laugh amid all of the phone calls, advertisements, and rallies between now and November.

“As an online media company that publishes only original content, it is the creativity and knowledge of our writers that provide value to our publications. The creation of the Giggle Chuckle Party is a fine example of the talented team of writers that work for Wasabi Media Group,” stated CEO/Editor-in-Chief, Michele Pesula Kuegler.

To learn more about the Giggle Chuckle Party, visit their page. You also can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

About Wasabi Media Group

Wasabi Media Group is an emergent Internet-based publishing company, which is home to 24 niche properties, featuring content in eight unique channels. For more information about Wasabi Media Group go to or contact Michele Pesula Kuegler at

Raising a Website

Monday, February 27th, 2012

If you have read my bio, you know that my experience in the world of publishing only dates back to 2007.  Starting by simply creating Tasty Thoughts, which has become Think Tasty, I have become fully immersed in the world of Internet-based publishing since then.  Tasty Thoughts was built as my own, personal food website.  When I launched it, I had no intention of it becoming the basis of a new media company.  Regardless, here we are.

I have learned many lessons in the past five years.  One of the hardest lessons has been learning how to let go, as I have discovered that building a company is much like raising children.  While I now have a team of editors and writers that do a great amount of work, in the beginning I did most of the writing and editing.  Each property has my fingerprints on it.  This is especially true for Think Tasty.

Being my initial site, I have been reluctant to add other writers, as it was my voice,  my outlet.  I have continued to be the primary editor, sharing recipes and writing restaurant reviews, but my time to do this is less.  Writing these articles now is a weekend or evening event, a way of unwinding.  While this arrangement has worked, it won’t allow Think Tasty to grow at the same pace as the rest of the WMG sites.  So, over the last few months, I have been adding features to Think Tasty that aren’t written by me.

Like a mother watching her child perform on a stage, my thoughts are similar.  I am amazed at how much each has grown and at the same time am impressed with whom/what each has become.  With the addition of Ask the Chef, I was pleased to offer our readers the advice of a classically trained chef for their cooking quandaries.  This week we add our newest feature, Best B&B Bites, which will highlight delicious recipes from Bed & Breakfasts all over the world.

Yes, there are moments when I look and think, Weren’t you just an itty bitty little site a few days ago? However, I am excited for what lies ahead, to see how much more Think Tasty can do.

My Likes, Your Likes

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I never have been a fan of NASCAR racing.  This point was made quite clear thirteen years ago at my younger daughter’s first birthday.  With a February birthday, I chose the Sunday nearest to it for a family gathering in the afternoon. At some time during the event, my parents mentioned that it was a big day for my daughter and a big day in the world of racing.  Apparently, I looked quite puzzled, and they informed me that it was the day of the big Daytona race.

I was familiar with the Daytona 500, but it could have been held any month of the year, as far as I was concerned.  I had no idea that the race was a February event.  As luck would have it, for many of my daughter’s birthdays, the Sunday that was the best day to schedule her party was. . .Daytona Sunday.  Of course, my parents always came to the party, and at some point we turned the tv on to check the status of the drivers.  However, I never gave the race much thought.

Moving forward to present time, I am well aware of the day of the race and not because of my daughter’s birthday.  As WMG has a racing publication, Gas Pedal Addicts, I keep current with the NASCAR schedule and to a lesser degree the drivers in the different leagues.  I still am not a fan of racing, but I am better versed.

Having a diversity of niche properties is one of the things that I like best about Wasabi Media Group.  Building this company, I wanted to cover a wide array of topics in the hope that we would offer a little something for everyone.  For those of you who enjoyed this past Saturday’s Budweiser Shootout and are eagerly anticipating Daytona 500 next Sunday, give Gas Pedal Addicts a peek.  For those who are in my family, yes, the fourteen year old’s party is on Daytona Sunday again this year.

Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Exercise is an integral part of my life.  Six days a week, I start my day with either a strength training or cardio workout.  If a workday has been hectic, I have been known to take a quick two-mile run on the treadmill to release the stresses of the day.  I find that this physical activity is a great way to unwind and be a happier, more productive member of my family.

As someone who exercises regularly, I enjoy adding new exercises or entire routines.  Not only does the same workout become boring, but it can be less effective for your muscles.  For these reasons, I find our fitness publication, My Fitness Tunes to be a fabulous resource.  Whether I am seeking a new ab exercise or a different cardio activity, I have found suggestions that worked well for me.  Some of my favorites are:

  • Good form for push-ups– Push-ups are one of my least favorite exercises, but I do include them in my rotation.  This article is a quick read and good way to check that you are performing your push-ups correctly.
  • A different twist on cardio– Running on the treadmill or outdoors can become boring.  Using your stairs as a means of cardio activity is a different and fun way to get your heart racing.

If you haven’t been bitten by the exercise bug yet or are becoming bored, there are plenty of articles to motivate you. Suggestions on how to make workouts a family event or to kickstart your fitness program can be found.  Check out My Fitness Tunes to find your fitness inspiration!

February Highlights

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Although it has been a mild winter with little snow, it is the point in the season in which the doldrums set in.  While it isn’t frigid outside, it still is chilly and requires one to wear coat and gloves.  With no snow, looking out the office window, all that can be seen is dead grass and bare tree branches.  None of this makes for an inspiring scene.  It is the time in which we need a little bit of uplifting.

I decided to do uplifting of my own the other week and dedicated a few evening to painting a room in our house.  It was a project which I had kept on my to-do list for ages but delayed for no good reason.  A few gallons of paint and several hours of painting and the room had a whole new look and feel.  This small project made such a big difference.

This month at Wasabi Media Group there are several changes, which we hope make differences for our readers :

  • Our version of a painting project- Outdoors Eagle received a new design that was unveiled last Friday.  We also have added a few new categories to provide our readers with more information that they want.
  • Preparations for spring- Little Bit of Green will also be unveiling a new look in the coming weeks.  As part of this new style, we are adding a Garden Gotta Haves section that highlights great tools, books, and more for your gardening needs.
  • A new presidential candidate- If you haven’t been reading our humor publication, Giggle Chuckle, it is time to start.  We have formed the Giggle Chuckle Party, have our own candidate, and will have t-shirts for sale soon!

Here’s to a month of great articles that inspire!

Inspire. Inform. Engage.