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Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

With four days remaining in 2011, many people are considering what changes they want to make in 2012.  As a child, I can remember making resolutions for the new year, both at home and school.  While resolutions can spark new adventures and growth, more often than not, they are cast aside after a few weeks.  I know that most of my childhood resolutions were less than successful.

However, the start of a new year is inspiring for many.  It’s a blank slate, a chance to improve your health, expand your mind, enhance your life.   Maybe this is year that you decide to begin an exercise program, and it is successful.  It doesn’t hurt to try.

As the most common goals tend to be health-related, our health publication, Health Eagle, is a great resource.  In just the past month, we’ve had several articles that will help with resolutions:

Regardless to what resolutions you make, or whether you make any at all, may 2012 be a year of good health, happiness, and prosperity for all.


Celebrate the Season

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Although it has felt like the holiday season since the day after Thanksgiving (at least for me), the season truly is upon us.  Hanukkah begins tonight, and Christmas is only four days away.  Last minute shopping, baking, and wrapping have taken many homes by storm.

At our house, we have had our own share of last minute preparations.  While I expected the previously noted shopping, baking, and wrapping, I did not expect to be un-decorating one tree and replacing it with another.  But I did.  We had had our tree gracing our living room for two weeks, during which we watered it daily.  However, every morning I would notice that the branches kept inching downward, akin to an umbrella that was closing.  At the end of its two week stay, my husband and I decided that our once beautiful tree was now an unattractive and potentially dangerous decoration.

While I love the lights and beauty of a Christmas tree, the work of stringing lights and placing ornaments for a second time was less than appealing.  However, we needed a tree to hold some lights and to be the center of our gifts.  The solution came in the form of a planted Norfolk pine.  While its branches are much smaller, it nicely holds one strand of lights and fits perfectly atop a table.  With its tree skirt draping below it, the tree perches above the presents.

In some ways I think our new tree is a great symbol for what I try to teach my children about Christmas.  It doesn’t need to be the biggest or best, it just needs to make you feel good.  A pair of fuzzy socks that keep you warm on a winter night can make someone’s day more than a $100 gift card, simply because you thought about what that person enjoys.

Our family publication, Your Parenting Info, has some great articles about ways to keep the holiday season in perspective:

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, be sure to take time and just enjoy the beauty of the season.

Gadgets, Gaming, & My Confession

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

One of the things that I like best about WMG is that there is a channel for almost every interest.  The opposite of that is that all channels will not appeal to all people.  That applies to everyone, even me, the Editor-in-Chief who created and built all eight channels and their twenty-four properties.

Yes, I have to confess, the Circuitry channel is not all that appealing to me.  I am ambivalent toward gadgets.  I own a smartphone, a laptop, and iPod.  However, I don’t feel the urge to upgrade to an iTouch and currently don’t feel that I need a tablet.  I appreciate new technology, but I don’t need to be the first to have it.  As for gaming, well, I have no interest in that.  I keep abreast of it through my kids, and that’s about enough for me.

Like it or not, I think the Circuitry channel is an important part of making Wasabi Media Group well-rounded.  Having a wide variety of topics provides us with greater potential for attracting more readers.  Even a non-gaming person, such as myself, will find Level Revel to be useful when seeking video game ideas as gifts.

With the holidays coming, the Circuitry channel has some helpful articles for shoppers:

Take a peek around Wasabi Media Group.  I’m certain you will find at least one channel that meets your needs.  If you don’t, please be sure to let me know.

December Highlights

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

I’m not the sort of person who does all of her Christmas shopping early.  I treat shopping for presents the same way that I treat Christmas music; neither is allowed to occur before the day after Thanksgiving.  While it might seem that acting as such would make December a hectic month, I find that it adds more excitement and holiday spirit to the month.  Of course, I love having a full calendar, so maybe this desire to be busy isn’t typical.

In addition to the shopping, there are other events to keep me busy during the month.  For the past few years I have set aside a whole day (from early morning to late evening!) to bake with one of my dearest friends.  We make batch after batch of assorted goodies and also get to spend an entire day together.  As it is the holiday season, there tend to be get-togethers to attend and after hours socials.  Plus, don’t forget all of the peripheral Christmas preparations: gift wrapping, card writing, package mailing.  Oh yes, and there’s work, family, and home.  It is a busy month, but in the most delightful way.

As you prepare for the rush of December, WMG is here to assist:

  • Choosing a Christmas tree– Trying to decide whether real or fake is the better option for the environment?  Give this article a quick read.
  • Making holiday treats– Starting last Thursday, we published a cookie or treat recipe that is special in our family.  For the next three Thursdays, we will continue to publish family favorites for you to try.
  • Giving a video game– Is there a special someone on your list who likes gaming?  Check out our list of the best games to give to help choose the right one.

Here’s to a delightfully busy December!

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