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WMG Is Mobile

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

It seems that everybody has an app.  Want a way to keep yourself amused while riding the subway?  There are millions of games from which to choose.  Need a currency converter app for your international travel?  There are apps for that.  Should you be studying for an upcoming exam?  There are apps to assist with that also.

Between the increase in smartphone purchases and the constant presence of iPads and iTouches, there is an audience that always is seeking new and interesting ways to entertain and assist them.  Thus, the market produces apps that vary from the whimsical game to the business tool.

WMG entered the world of apps in June with our WMG Reader app for Android.  Now, we have launched that same app for iOS.  Making Wasabi Media Group articles available to mobile devices was an important step.  As the CEO, there have been times when I’m traveling and I wanted to check on a recent article.  Without the app, it was a more cumbersome chore.  Now, with the app, in a click or two, I can review the specific article.

Although WMG wasn’t on the cutting edge of going mobile, we are in the game now.  For Android users, you can find our app here.  For Apple fans, the app is here for you.

Want to read a Wasabi Media Group article from your mobile device?  Yes, we have an app for that.

Wasabi Media Group Announces Free Reader App for iOS

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Wasabi Media Group, which is home to 24 niche properties, has announced the launch of their iOS app, Wasabi Media Group Reader, in the iTunes Store. This free app will provide readers with the ability to keep current with the latest articles while using their iPad, iPhone, or iTouch devices.

The WMG Reader allows users to find articles of interest to them via two options. Readers can stay up to date with the most recently published articles by viewing the Latest page in the app. Readers also can find articles by using the Channel page, which allows readers to sort the articles by categories, such as Entertainment, Fine Living, and Opinion.

Although called the WMG Reader, this app provides more than the ability to read the articles on a mobile platform. Find an article that is interesting and want to add a note about it? Use the “My Jottings” feature. Think someone else would appreciate reading the same article? Send it to them via email, adding your personal note, if you’d like.

“Wasabi Media Group strives to be accessible to all of our readers in the format they choose. With the WMG Reader available in iOS, our readers now have more options for engaging with our properties,” said Michele Pesula Kuegler, CEO/Editor-in-Chief of Wasabi Media Group.

Pricing and Availability

The Wasabi Media Group Reader app is available immediately and for free in the iTunes App Store. Simply search for the app’s full name, “Wasabi Media Group Reader”, or our company, “Wasabi Media Group”.

About Wasabi Media Group

Wasabi Media Group is a subsidiary of Wasabi Ventures, a different kind of venture capital firm made up of three distinct, but connected aspects: venture funding, start up advising, and incubation. For more information about Wasabi Media Group go to or contact Michele Pesula Kuegler at

Summer Nears Its End

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Although the calendar still says August, it feels like summer is ending.  In many communities, the kids have returned to school.  Stores are filled with fall items:  Halloween candy, fuzzy sweaters, and back to school supplies.  Even the heat of summer is dissipating with the day starting and ending with cooler temperatures.  Fall surely isn’t too far away.

However, the end of summer doesn’t have to be abrupt.  With Labor Day weekend ahead of us, there is plenty of time to plan some last minute summer fun.  Whether you want to plan a weekend trip, a day’s adventure, or a home cookout, there are many ways to celebrate what remains of summer.

A quick one or two-night trip is the perfect way to end the summer.  Whether you want to visit an amusement park or go camping with your family, a little time away from the typical home routine is a great way to spend the holiday weekend.  Find a nearby destination so you don’t have to spend too many hours in your car, and then hit the road.

Of course, the long weekend also lends itself well to a gathering of friends and family.  You can use this event to celebrate both the end of summer and the start of school.  Plan a great menu and ask everyone to bring a little something to help with the cooking to make the party preparation simple. For the adults in the crowd, a refreshing cocktail or summery beers complete the theme of summer.

No matter how you celebrate Labor Day weekend, don’t forget to check Wasabi Media Group for planning suggestions.  From recipes to decorations, you can find the ideas you need.



Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Through both work and personal life, I am amazed at the all-consuming ability of the Internet.  There’s no need to leave your laptop to order a new sweater, book airline tickets, check on your child’s grades, read a great article, watch a soccer match, talk with friends, or take a college course.  While I embrace these technologies, I also keep in mind that there is a world outside of www.  As anyone who works online knows, it is so easy to keep the laptop open for all hours of the day and miss what actually is happening.

Like anything in this world, the key is moderation.  We all know that indulgence of anything is bad for us.  For example, we know that sitting in front of the television for hours is bad for us.  However, we don’t necessarily apply the same thinking to our computers.  We decide that because we are doing something with a purpose (ordering school supplies, checking tomorrow’s weather), it is acceptable to stay online for hours on end.  However, when we do that, even though we are completing items on our to-do lists, we are missing life.

How do we manage the delicate balance of getting everything done and spending time with those around us?  If I had the absolute answer, I believe I would be featured on all of the hit talk shows.  However, I do know that each of us needs to find the correct balance, and for each of us that will differ.  For me, if I need to spend most of an evening working, then the next night I make sure I spend with my family without having my laptop open (or my smartphone in hand).

The online world is readily available and has so much to offer.  It can be a great source of entertainment, if you enjoy gaming, music, and videos.  It also is a fabulous resource when shopping, even for your wedding dress.  Need to find information about your health or the health of your pet?  You can find that also.  These items merely scrape the surface of what you can accomplish.

Just remember to keep everything in balance between the virtual and real worlds.

Vacation as the CEO

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Running your own business, it is generally accepted that vacations aren’t truly vacations.  However, as I discovered last week, there are ways to give them more of a vacation feel.

  • Maximize your time. My husband and I are both early risers, but our teens and tween aren’t.  Each morning we got up at near to our normal time and worked for two or three hours while the kids slept.  While this may not seem vacation-like to some, it allowed us to feel less stressed when we headed out for each day’s adventure.
  • Stay at a location that has wifi. We have found that renting houses is the best option with our crew. When I make the reservation, one of the non-negotiable items is wireless internet.  Without wifi, our morning work sessions at our laptops wouldn’t have been possible.  As a side note, if you need a new laptop to bring on vacation, you should check out this Inspector Electra review of a laptop that has a lot to offer for minimal cost.
  • Travel to a remote destination. Although it wasn’t planned this way, we didn’t have cell phone coverage at the home we rented.  Not only did it free my husband and me from unimportant business calls, it also kept the kids from texting, which allowed for a lot more family interaction.  (For a laugh, read this short humor piece on kids and calls.)
  • Head back to nature. Sure, theme parks are entertaining, but getting into nature can be even more fun.  There is more likely to be conversation when there aren’t flashing lights and dancing characters to interrupt.  Plus, looking for animals and skipping rocks can encourage teens to put aside their typical bickering and work as a team.  Find a park or trail and start hiking!  Check out a recent Outdoors Eagle article for a great hike suggestion.
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