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How Time Flies

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

It seems hard to believe, but next week marks the third birthday of Wasabi Media Group.  So much has changed over those 1,095 days, that it seems appropriate to glance back.

What did things look like when WMG launched?  In July 2008, we were comprised of twenty-two of our current twenty-four sites.  The Wasabi team was much smaller, consisting of ten writers, a part-time designer, and a part-time programmer.  Yours truly served as editor and sales manager, among other various roles.  We published twenty-five articles in a successful week and had approximately 4,000 visitors each month.

How do our current numbers compare?  We have twenty-four properties, all of which publish new material at least twice a week, setting our weekly total at seventy-five (or more) articles.  The WMG team has grown immensely, as we now have thirty contributors (twenty team writers and ten specialists), a full-time designer, a full-time programmer, a sales and marketing manager, two associate editors, and one CEO/editor-in-chief.  On a weekly basis we are launching new designs and features.  We now have approximately one million readers each month!

Where will we go from here?  We will add more features that pique the interest of our readers.  Our publishing volume will increase in order to deliver more articles that inform and entertain.  As always, we will strive to meet our company’s goal: Engage your mind through our media.

Good Ol’ Dad

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

This past Sunday we celebrated the lesser advertised parental holiday, Father’s Day.  Although all of my evidence is anecdotal, I do believe Father’s Day receives a lot less recognition than it should.  Mother’s Day is placed on a pedestal, as we are barraged with ads reminding us to show our love to mom.   Of course, I think moms deserve a day of appreciation, but I also believe that dads deserve the same level of attention and gratitude.

When I was a little girl I remember the feeling that my dad could fix anything.  If a toy broke, I knew he could make it better.  While he may not have been my confidante the way my mom was, I knew if I needed anything, he was there.  As I raise my children, I know that my children are fortunate to have a dad who is there to support them.  Improving a basketball shot, explaining homework, or helping with a decision, he is there for them.  I am sure besides my dad and my husband there are many other fabulous dads out there that deserve a celebration that rivals Mother’s Day.

If you didn’t take the time this past Sunday to give your dad the recognition he deserves, why not celebrate Father’s Day the next time you see him?  I am sure he will appreciate it.

A few more thoughts on dad from WMG this week:

  • Forget to buy a gift for dad, or want to start planning for next year?  Check out these ideas.
  • Did your dad used to sing to you, or as a dad do you sing to your child?  What songs are in your daddy’s mix?
  • For a laugh, here are some gifts that you should not buy for dad.


Beginning or End?

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

–Winston Churchill

Why is it that so many people focus on the end of things instead of seeing the beginning that lies ahead?  At this time of year, I see an overwhelming number of articles dedicated to the sadness of graduation and the end of the school year.  While I understand that change can be trying at times, isn’t the thought of growth and achievement worth it?

This same logic can be applied to more than parenting.  As the leader of Wasabi Media Group, I need to move the company forward constantly.  With growth such as that, I need to learn to let others run projects and brainstorm new ideas.  Much like raising a child, I need to let go a little bit and enjoy the beauty of the growth.

With continual growth, there are changes happening all of the time.  One change is the new feature, He Said/She Said movie reviews on Flick Rev.  Check out their latest review of Pirates of the Caribbean.  Another bit of newness is the redesign of our beverage site, Parched No More.  We think it looks great but would love your feedback also!  Finally, as always, there are new articles published daily.  One that is perfectly suited for the topic of growth is a reading suggestion for parents that may help nurture leadership in your child.

Churchill was right; it is only the beginning.  There is so much ahead of us!

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Summer

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

According to the calendar, summer doesn’t begin until June 21st, but it sure is starting to feel like summer around here.  The kids are counting the days left in school (more than they’d like thanks to snow days); our chicks are in their outdoor coop; local produce items are available.  With temperatures expected to be near 97 today, summer does seem to be calling.

While summer may be a time of work for many, the season does lend itself to a slower pace and vacations.  What goes better with summer than a list of books to read while laying on the beach?  Whether you are seeking a great series for teens, a biography of a much adored actress, or a book of a different genre, ‘Bout Books is a great place to start your search.

At the end of a hot summer day, everyone has their own way of relaxing.  For some it might be sipping an ice cold beer.  Check out our review of Brooklyn Brewery’s Summer Ale; it seems like a perfect fit.  Maybe your preferred method of relaxation is a dinner that involves no cooking.  Look no further than Think Tasty, as we are featuring a handful of summer-only restaurants that are sure to please.

A good book, a refreshing beverage, and a great restaurant- what else could you want?

Wasabi Media Group Announces Free Reader App for Android OS

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

San Mateo, CA- Wasabi Media Group already one of the top 1,000 websites in the US and a major destination for online readers on a wide variety of subjects from entertainment to family to opinion, has entered the mobile market with a free reader app for the Android OS. The app, “WMG Reader,” gives readers access to all 24 of the Group’s sites on their Android device and is updated in real time.

“With the WMG Reader, we have begun the transformation from online to mobile,” said Michele Kuegler, Editor-in-Chief of Wasabi Media Group.  “In the near future we will be introducing apps for iPhone and Blackberry to make Wasabi Media Group even more accessible to our readers.”
App features include sorting by most recent updates or by starring favorite channels to see only the most recent articles in your niche. Navigation is simple, intuitive, and ad-free, allowing users to focus on the content.
Current topics covered by Wasabi Media Group include gadgets, gaming, books, sports, television, racing, movies, music, parenting, pets, food, drink, travel, health, fitness, the outdoors, home improvement, gardening, the environment, humor, global politics, shopping, weddings, and holidays.

Pricing and Availability
The Wasabi Media Group Reader app is available immediately and for free in the Android Marketplace in the News & Magazines category. Simply search for the app’s full name “WMG Reader,” the letters “WMG,” or the word “wasabi.”

About Wasabi Media Group
Wasabi Media Group is a subsidiary of Wasabi Ventures, a different kind of venture capital firm made up of three distinct, but connected aspects: venture funding, start up advising, and incubation. For more information about Wasabi Media Group go to or contact Michele Kuegler at

Long Weekends. . .

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Long weekends seem to be one of those things that most people can agree upon: they’re quite enjoyable.  While it may not be a day off for everyone (yours truly included), it does tend to confuse our schedules for the rest of the week.  Multiple times this week I’ve found myself thinking it was a different day than it actually was.  So, while Friday will arrive delightfully early this week, it does make the other days a little harder to keep track of.

That being said, Editorially Yours is a day behind this week, as there were still as many meetings and projects to fit into the slightly shortened week.  So, to keep this simple, I’d like to share a few articles of note from this week.

Inspire. Inform. Engage.